The future is working for the FIS World Ski Championships 2017 in St. Moritz. And by no means only in a metaphorical sense: for the first time in the history of World Ski Championships a self-reliant Youth OC will be making its presence felt.

The organisational professionals of tomorrow: with the founding of this group the World Ski Championships 2017 team will be passing on its enthusiasm for and know-how in the organisation of major events.

Right at the start the search was on for a name and was then found. A name which is also a programme: “Future St. Moritz 2017”. It picks up the motto which right from the outset accompanied the candidature for the fifth alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz: “Live the Future”. The regular OC used this motto three years ago when they won the contest for host city in South Korea for the World Ski Championships, and even back then young people were involved in the presentation.

The structure of the Youth OC mirrors exactly that of the senior OC and is led by Tanja Gutgsell and Nadine Bächli. Each member can call on a deputy – work in the group is entirely voluntary. “Future St. Moritz 2017” has its own budget to administer, it develops and implements its own concepts. Positions in “Future St. Moritz 2017” are allocated according to the professional training of each person concerned, which means that their knowledge and skills can be applied immediately and concretely in a dynamic project. All of these things together are unique; there has never been anything like it before at Alpine World Ski Championships.

Behind the project is first and foremost the wish to pass on the know-how from the main OC to the following generations. The creation of “Future St. Moritz 2017” perfectly matches the over-arching theme of sustainability, which is decisive not only in terms of environmental protection and infra-structure. This way of thinking will also make it possible for future major events to be run using knowledge available in the region. In addition, the aim is to motivate young people to get involved in the Voluntari team and in roles which carry responsibility.
Supporting members of “Future St. Moritz 2017” is a coach, who as a link between the OC’s will ensure that the framework of rules and procedures is adhered to. That is the one and only instruction. Otherwise, the movers and shakers of “Future St. Moritz 2017” have all the freedom they need to make the world view of young people felt. Another point is, namely: how do young people view elite sport? What value do they attach to World Ski Championships in their hometown? Which aspects of such an event have the greatest resonance among the young?

„Future St. Moritz 2017“ not only wants things to be done but to be involved in decision-making and to take on responsibility. Tomorrow’s generation wants to actively shape its own future! A further aim is to become a platform for the young people of the region.

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