Public transport & taxis

During the World Ski Championships we recommended visitors to get around on public transport.

In St. Moritz itself the local bus connects St. Moritz Dorf with the station at 10-minute intervals. Basically, all distances can be covered on foot. The surrounding villages of the holiday region Engadin St. Moritz are linked by the trains of the Rhaetian Railway and the Engadin Bus service. And the best thing is that just one ticket issued by the local tariff union – “engadinmobil” - is all you need to use the entire public transport network. Available are single tickets, one-day and multiple-day passes. An overview of all prices and points of sale is at:ästeabos. Single tickets can also be bought directly in the bus or at railway stations.

Public transport for hotel and holiday apartment guests: “ÖV-Inklusive”

As a guest in the holiday region of Engadin St. Moritz you can take advantage of a special offer: “Öffentlicher Verkehr inclusive”. Ask for information when you make your booking or simply look for the corresponding symbol in the overview of hotel services.

Parking: multi-storey and parking spaces

For car drivers there are public parking spaces along the streets of St. Moritz as well as two public multi-storey and three larger car parks. If you are overnighting in St. Moritz, we recommend that you park your private vehicle in the parking spaces of your hotel or holiday apartment. By doing so you help minimize waiting times in the multi-storey car parks.


In addition to the well-developed public transport network, a 24-hour taxi service is also available in St. Moritz. A complete overview is at:

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