Mascot Moritz

Moritz, the ibex, was the mascot of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships St. Moritz 2017. On the occasion of the World Cup Finals 2016, Moritz got baptized by the jury consisting of current Swiss ski racers, representatives of the media as well as members of the organization committee of the Ski World Championships. During the World Championships, Moritz certainly caused some big stir and great atmosphere in the finish area as well as in town. Additionally, he became friends with fans from all over the world. He celebrated with the winners but also took care of the losers.   

Not really typical for a mountain dweller, Moritz is a great joker and always game to have fun. He is always available for a selfie and loves playing a joke with someone. On the slopes he is completely in his element but also off-pist partying causes him great pleasure and therefore he is at the forefront day and night.  
At Weltklasse Zürich, Moritz had the chance to practice together with mascot Cooly for the big appearance at the World Championships. In the form of a 20 meter sprint they fought a hard battle. Are you wondering who won? Check out the video:


Moritz was also present in hockey and provided good mood! Check out his gig at the game between HC Lugano and HC Davos in the video below: